Death of the Church Victorious by Ovid Need is now available!

Jul 19, 2023

This is the republication of Ovid Need’s Death of the Church Victorious which examines the drift from a belief in the progressive growth of the Kingdom of God in history towards a doom-and-gloom view of its retreat until Jesus’ return and its miraculous victory.

The book has an interesting history. R. J. Rushdoony encouraged Need to publish it. In fact, Ross House Books (now part of Chalcedon) was preparing to do just that, and Rushdoony wrote a foreword for the publication. But when R. J. Rushdoony passed away in 2001, we had to indefinitely postpone its publication to give priority to his manuscripts. Rev. Need then got the manuscript published by Jay P. Green, Sr. of Sovereign Grace Publications, which kept the book in print. That publishing firm disappeared after the death of Jay P. Green, Jr. in 2022. Rev. Need then asked Chalcedon to re-publish the work, which we were happy to do.

You can purchase this title now for $32 (you will receive a discount at the time of purchase).

Death of the Church Victorious by Chalcedon Foundation