New Editions: Are they different?

Apr 12, 2024

As Chalcedon strives to keep the works of Rushdoony published occasionally we must create a new edition. Sometimes this is because we need to reset up the book for printing (especially when the previous version was printed 20+ year prior). The covers change occasionally and we often get the question if the content of the book has changed. Here are some edition changes that answer that question.

Reprints with Updated Covers

The Foundations of Social Order, The Philosophy of Christian Curriculum, and Salvation and Godly Rule have all undergone a few different cover changes but the content inside has remained the same.

Christianity and the State recently underwent a cover and format change; going from hardback to paperback. This change was mostly because of cost. The content has remained the same and both the hardback and the paperback are available for purchase.

The Messianic Character of American Education actually hasn't been changed. When we discovered we were running out of the dust jackets their cover design was updated. However, Messianic is getting low so we have been working on a new edition. It is only going through proofing and reindexing but will continue to have the new updated cover.

New Indices

The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol. 1.

In 2020, we published a new edition of volume 1 on Biblical Law. Many have asked if this edition changed the content.

While there is more to the book the main content is the same (maybe minus a few typos). The only major change was additional indices and the book returning to Chalcedon's ownership as P&R Publishing previously held the printing rights to the book.

And as you can see the cover didn't change.


The Flight From Humanity

Flight From Humanity is a revealing look into the nature and effect of neoplatonism on contemporary Christian thought, and it offers sound Biblical solutions for the believer who desires to fully serve God.

The second edition of Flight gained and index and a new cover. But the content of the book is the same though again typos may have been fixed. You can still purchase the first edition.


Extended or Updated

God's Plan for Victory

An entire generation of victory-minded Christians, spurred by the victorious postmillennial vision of Chalcedon, has emerged to press what the Puritan Fathers called "the Crown Rights of Christ the King" in all areas of modern life. Central to that optimistic generation is Rousas John Rushdoony's jewel of a study, God's Plan for Victory (originally published in 1977). The founder of the Christian Reconstruction movement set forth in potent, cogent terms the older Puritan vision of the irrepressible advancement of Christ's kingdom by his faithful saints employing the entire law-word of God as the program for earthly victory.

In the case of God's Plan for Victory, we did expand this small booklet. The third edition adds six appendices by Rushdoony.

To Be As God

This title was printed shortly after R. J. Rushdoony's passing in 2001. At the time, there was a lot happening and this book went to print without a thorough proofing. This was brought to our attention when it came time to reprint it and we realized we needed to go back to the manuscript to fix some of its issues.

In some cases, there was content missing from the book that was in the handwritten manuscript and some areas clarification was needed (which happens in all editing). These updates were made with the newest edition.