The Divorce of Israel is coming!

Apr 24, 2024

The Divorce of Israel presents a “redemptive-historical” approach to Revelation. In it John presents a forensic drama wherein God is divorcing his old covenant wife Israel so that he can take a new wife, the new covenant “Israel of God” composed of Jew and Gentile alike.

Thus, Revelation presents the vitally important redemptive-historical transition from the land-based, ethnically focused, temple-dominated old covenant economy to its worldwide, pan-ethnic, spiritual new covenant fulfillment. And it does so by highlighting God’s judgment upon first-century geo-political Israel.

The Divorce of Israel is coming. It is currently being printed and then will be shipped to us. You can purchase it now as a pre-order. Since we do not know the exact turn around time for printing and shipping we are estimating the books will arrive in May.
As soon as we get the books, we will be sending them out to any pre-orders first. Your online order will then be updated and tracking information will be added to your account.