Authentic Christianity

Authentic Christianity

Authentic Christianity

An Exposition of the Theology and Ethics of the Westminster Larger Catechism
Joseph Morecraft, III
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Product Details

FORMAT: Hardback, Set, and Books

SIZE: 3800 pages in 8 volumes


CONTAINS: 8 hardback volumes


TOPICS: Theology,


PUBLISHER: Reformation Heritage Books

An Exposition of the Theology and Ethics of the Westminster Larger Catechism

The most exhaustive commentary on The Westminster Larger Catechism ever written, and a new work for the church in the 21st century: Pastor Joseph C. Morecraft's five-volume masterpiece, Authentic Christianity. Drawing from over four decades of study as a student, minister, teacher, and father, Pastor Morecraft directs today's Christians to the foundations of a true and consistent framework of biblical thought. Through a diligent exegesis of the whole counsel of God, and a commitment to the supremacy of the scriptures in faith and practice, Pastor Morecraft has produced an enduring contribution to the tradition of Christian scholarship.

Authentic Christianity dissects and explains the teachings of this oft-neglected encyclopedia of biblical truth for today's readers in language they can understand. 20 years in the making, Morecraft's treatise devotes over 4,000 pages to topics ranging from personal piety and communion with God to the Christians duty to the civil magistrate and everything in between. Do you want answers to these questions? Just how thorough are the Ten Commandments? What all are we praying for when we say, "Hallowed be Thy name"? Is there a right way to preach? What does the victory of the church entail? How do the different persons in the Trinity work together? How important are the sacraments, and what do they actually do? But what of God's revelation and the inspiration of the Scriptures? Or God's sovereignty, and how His providence works alongside men and angels? And what about the state: Do governments have responsibilities before God?

Authentic Christianity is 3800 pages in 8 volumes.

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