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    Faithful Fiction That Reveals the Kingdom of God

    Storehouse Press® is a publishing house dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God, and proclaiming the faith for all of life, through readable fiction and non-fiction books.

    Launched in 2009 with two novels, Bell Mountain and Hidden in Plain Sight, Storehouse Press® has gone on to publish several fiction and non-fiction books while presenting sound Christian teaching in each volume.

    The name “storehouse” is taken from Malachi 3:10 which reads, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house,” and the simple message behind our mission is that God’s work of Christian education must be financed by God’s people.

    Christian fiction is a powerful medium for communicating the Gospel of the Kingdom, and non-fiction should be faithful and practical in its use for Christian edification and equipping. Storehouse Press® strives to do both.

    Storehouse Press® is a publishing arm of Chalcedon.


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    33 products